Benefits of Mercury Free Fillings

Dental fillings have long been the dentistry standard for fixing tooth decay. Old metal fillings contained mercury and were unsightly. Modern, mercury free, dental fillings are not only a common dental treatment but have proven to be effective and long lasting.Sandy Springs, GA dentist Dr. Brenda Paulen provides patients with metal free composite fillings that are discrete and restore both function and beauty to your smile.

Benefits of Mercury Free Fillings Sandy Springs, GA

Color Match- Modern composite fillings can be color matched to your natural teeth. Unlike metal fillings that create unsightly gray spots, composite fillings blend in. Their discrete, nearly invisible appearance make them great for improving the aesthetics of your smile.

Safety- Mercury is poisonous to your body. Dr. Paulen has chosen to offer only composite, mercury FREE fillings. Dr. Paulen believes in the holistic ties of oral health to the overall health of your body. Dr. Paulen puts the care and safety of her patients at the center of her Sandy Springs dental practice .

Durability- Composite resin is durable. When applied properly by Dr.Paulen, the composite filling will create a tight seal around the decay area. The filling will help to prevent further bacterial infection in the treated tooth.

Replace Old Fillings: Dr. Paulen can remove and replace your old metal fillings. Once an industry norm, many people have pre existing metal fillings in their mouth. Dr. Paulen is happy to consult with her patients on restoring the cosmetic beauty of their smiles with new composite fillings.

Prevent Further Damage: Early diagnosis of tooth decay and cavities is essential in avoiding further development of complex dental health concerns. Dental fillings are a routine and fairly painless dental restoration that can help you to avoid more complex and expensive dental procedures.

Schedule a comprehensive oral exam with Dr. Paulen at her Sandy Springs dentist office. Early treatment of tooth decay and damage can help you avoid the need for a root canal or even tooth extraction. Call our office or schedule a convenient online appointment.