Dental Fitness

Preventive dental care is your first defense against serious dental health concerns. A strict daily oral hygiene routine- brushing and flossing twice a day- and regular visits to the dentist are the best way to fend off complex dental health problems. Frequent tooth cleanings and cavity and periodontal screenings can catch any developing dental health concerns early to avoid expensive and lengthy advanced restorative dentistry procedures. Sandy Springs dentist Dr. Brenda Paulen encourages vigilant “dental fitness” for all of her patients. Maintaining a healthy smile promotes oral health and an improved quality of life.

What Is Dental Fitness?

At Proud Smiles Sandy Springs dentist office we strive to support our patients most “fit” smile. During your preventive care appointment at our Atlanta dentist office, Dr. Paulen will create your individualized “Dental Fitness Report.” This report allows you and Dr. Paulen to track your progress towards your healthiest and brightest smile. Your Dental Fitness Report reflects your overall all dental wellness. The report is created by Dr. Paulen using state-of-the-art- digital radiography and intra-oral photography and incorporates the results of your periodontal screening, occlusal analysis and cavity screen.

Your Dental Fitness Report score will help you and Dr. Paulen set your personal dental health goals. Once your goals are set, you can begin your journey towards restoring your dental health. Dr. Paulen will help to educate you on all of the treatment options that are available to you and work with you to fulfill your smile aesthetic and oral health goals.

Why Dr. Brenda Paulen

A second generation dentist, Dr. Paulen has over 25 years of restorative and cosmetic dentistry experience. Dedicated to her continuing education courses, Dr. Paulen offers the most recent and up to date dental technology. Dr. Paulen practices dentistry with compassion and care for each patient as an individual. Offering a full scale of cosmetic and restorative dental treatment options, Dr. Paulen and her team will work to create the most holistic treatment option for your optimal smile. Sandy Springs ProudSmiles dentist office addresses all dental health, financial, and anxiety concerns. We are always happy to work with each patient’s unique needs. Dr. Paulen is proud of her long term patient relationships that she has built through offering affordable and quality dentistry.

Find out your Dental Fitness Report score by scheduling a consultation with Dr. Paulen at our Sandy Springs dentist office. Dr. Paulen can help to answer any questions or concerns you may have about proceeding with any dental health procedure.