Get the Snap-On Smile of Your Dreams

Do you feel self-conscious about crooked teeth? Want to find a way to get a beautifully straight smile without the hassle and cost of extensive cosmetic dental work? Ask your dentist about Snap-On Smiles.

This dental restoration is made to suit the fit and aesthetic goals of your unique smile. You can get the smile of your dreams without invasive dental procedures, permanent dental work, and expensive dental visits.

A dentist can explain this treatment in greater detail when you attend a consultation appointment. But you may feel more confident booking this dental appointment when you know more about the dental fixture. Learn about how to obtain Snap-On Smile and what it can do for your teeth when you read on.

Get the Snap-On Smile of Your Dreams

How Does Snap-On Smile Work?

If you and your dentist want to pursue smile restoration with Snap-On Smile, the first step is obtaining an impression of your teeth. The dentist will not disrupt your existing dental structure with invasive maneuvers like drilling in any way, so you know this process will not hurt. They take impressions using a digital scanner, a more comfortable and precise method of capturing an image of your smile than a traditional physical mold.

The dentist uses the impressions to construct a custom appliance that features resin prosthetic teeth. It can take a few weeks for the dentist to finish making this device which will snap into place over your teeth for a secure hold. The dentist checks your bite to ensure the appliance looks beautiful while not interfering with your oral function.

You can eat with Snap-On Smile in place. But you should avoid chewy or sticky food items that might damage the appliance. With proper care, this device can last for three to five years before requiring replacement.

Snap-On Smile: Pros and Cons

Snap-On Smile can amend a variety of cosmetic dental concerns, including covering stubborn tooth stains, building a straighter smile, closing gaps between teeth, and amending minor tooth breakage. Many people appreciate that they can achieve smile enhancement through this appliance much faster than orthodontic solutions will take. Plus, Snap-On Smile is more affordable than orthodontics and other extensive cosmetic dental work.

Another draw of Snap-On Smile over other smile enhancement treatments is that it is non-invasive. A dentist can give a patient this appliance without using potentially painful tools or permanently altering underlying teeth.

Snap-On Smile will not help all dental patients, however. Some patients with severely broken or damaged teeth will need alternative dental treatments to accomplish their smile aesthetic goals. And some people might not like the uniform and bulky finish that might come with the fit of this appliance.

The Snap-On Smile also does not last forever. The device will wear down over time, meaning it will no longer appear as well as it should, nor will it fit properly. Then you will need a new appliance to restore your smile. But with help from your dentist, you can maximize cosmetic benefits with this useful treatment.