Lupus & Oral Health Sandy Springs, GA

Autoimmune disease can often have an impact on almost all areas of your health and well-being, including your oral health. This is often the result of both disease and treatment-related factors. For patients with Lupus, maintaining a healthy smile will help to support the management of their disease and improve the overall quality of life.

Atlanta area dentist Dr. Brenda Paulen works with patients who have Lupus on an individual basis to manage oral symptoms and provide oral hygiene support tailored to their unique needs or concerns. Dr. Paulen looks for the signs of developing oral health concerns as well as the oral symptoms of autoimmune and systemic disease for an early diagnosis and prompt treatment.

Patients with Lupus

Patients with Lupus may experience:

  • Dry mouth and cracked lips. A side effect of both illness and commonly prescribed medications for lupus, dry mouth can increase the risk of gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Mouth sores or lesions. Often located on the palate or roof of the mouth, sores in the mouth can be an early oral symptom of lupus.
  • Thrush. Yeast infection in the mouth is a side effect of medication.
  • TMJ pain. Lupus can affect the joints, including the jaw joint.
  • Periodontal disease. Gum disease can result from disease-related inflammation and as a result of medications being used to manage your disease.

In addition to helping maintain your oral health, Dr. Paulen can make recommendations for dietary changes that can reduce uncomfortable symptoms such as dry mouth and ulcers.

Why Choose Us?

When it comes to the comprehensive care of both oral health and physical well-being, Dr. Paulen is committed to helping patients manage their illness or disease and identify signs of developing concerns for prompt intervention.

Dr. Paulen recently spoke at the 2017 Lupus Empowerment Summit in Atlanta on the benefits of good oral health for lupus patients. The Proud Smiles Dental Fitness program is our signature preventive care protocol for helping all patients understand and take proactive care of their dental health. We believe that an educated patient is empowered to enjoy the many benefits of good oral health.

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