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Black Triangles Sandy Springs, GA

Do you have “black triangles” and gaps between your teeth? Are you looking for a comfortable solution?

What Are Black Triangles Between Your Teeth?

Dental black triangles, known clinically as gingival embrasures, are areas between teeth where the gum tissue may have receded. These gaps in the smile can be the result of bone loss, gum recession, and shifting teeth. Dr. Brenda Paulen and her professional dental team treat black triangles in Atlanta, GA. As for why people ask for the dark triangles between their teeth to be fixed, Dr. Paulen says, “They feel it makes them look old or ugly; look poor or neglectful; look stressed or unhealthy.”

Fix gaps between teeth and black triangles in Sandy Springs, Georgia

Can Black Triangles in-between Teeth be Fixed?

Many patients are curious about their options for black triangle treatment. Dr. Paulen and her dental staff offer an array of comprehensive solutions to patients:


Invisalign is a cosmetic dentistry solution that can correct crooked and shifting teeth. This solution uses a series of clear aligners that straighten teeth. Teeth are often straightened with Invisalign in a shorter time frame than traditional braces. In addition, Invisalign aligners are removable for meals and brushing and flossing teeth.

Dental Bonding

A new method of tooth bonding is BioClear. For this treatment, the base of the tooth is thickened with a composite, tooth-colored resin. This fills in the gaps left by black triangles. Plastic matrices are often used to ensure that the resulting tooth has a clear form and function. BioClear looks and feels natural on the teeth.

Gum Surgery

For patients with severe cases of gum recession, the gums can be re-contoured or renewed using gum surgery. A gum graft is usually needed. During this procedure, Dr. Paulen takes tissue often from another part of the mouth and stitched to the gums to support the tooth root.

See real results of patients who have had treatment in Dr. Paulen’s office:

Richard Before Black Triangle Treatment
Richard’s teeth before black triangle treatment with porcelain veneers
Richard After Black Triangle Treatment
Richard’s teeth after black triangle treatment with porcelain veneers
Cathy Before Black Triangle Treatment
Cathy’s teeth before black triangle treatment with tooth bonding
Cathy After Black Triangle Treatment
Cathy’s teeth after black triangle treatment with tooth bonding
Leslee Before Black Triangle Treatment
Leslee’s teeth before black triangle treatment with gum recontouring
Leslee After Black Triangle Treatment
Leslee’s teeth after black triangle treatment with gum recontouring

Black Triangles FAQs

Do black triangles go away on their own?

No. Black triangles are a product of receding gums and loss of tooth enamel. Your gums do not grow back, nor does your tooth enamel. You will need to consult with your dentist in Sandy Springs for recommendations and treatment to completely fix black triangles in your smile.

Can flossing cause black triangles?

Flossing too hard and brushing your teeth too hard can, indirectly, lead to black triangles. Flossing and brushing too hard over time can cause your gums to recede and create black triangles. As mentioned above, gums do not grow back.

Can black triangles lead to periodontal disease?

Yes, there is great potential for periodontal disease to develop around black triangles. Black triangles expose much of the gum tissue around teeth to food particles. They create spots where harmful bacteria can thrive in someone with bad oral health habits, leading to plaque and tartar buildup and eventually gum disease if left untreated.

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