Do you accept Medicaid?

No, we are not a Medicaid provider.

If I recently had an exam at another office, or I don’t want to pay for an exam, why must Dr. Paulen perform an exam?

While we can accept certain diagnostics (x-rays for example) from another practice, Dr. Paulen must make her own current observations of your health in order to prepare the appropriate treatment plans/options, as she sees them. Relying only on another doctor’s exam, or having no exam at all, could have malpractice implications for too much/little treatment, or missed critical conditions.

What is a Snap-On-Smile?

If you are looking for a quick and custom smile makeover without the expense or wait of traditional porcelain veneers, Snap-On-Smile may be the right solution for you.
Learn more about Snap-On Smile here!

Why can’t I get pricing without coming into the office?

Dentistry is not one-size-fits-all, nor is it exactly the same from office to office. Each doctor has their own treatment philosophy, training, and techniques, to guide their recommended treatment options, but your treatment plan (and pricing) should always be based on a current observation of your conditions. Anything less is just a guesstimate.

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