Sandy Springs GA Dentist Office Technology


This diagnostic tools can be used to assess the occlusion of a patient.  Unlike any other diagnostic tool, Tekscan can assess both the force and timing of the bite. This allows your dentist to perform occlusal analysis, assess the condition of your restorations, and help you achieve a more balanced bite. In addition, Tekscan can be used to aid in many common dental treatments, including dental implants, crowns & bridges, cosmetic dentistry, and TMJ/TMD headaches.

DigiDoc IRIS Digital Intraoral Camera

Like the digital x-ray, the digital intraoral camera gives the dentist a more comprehensive view of your mouth. However, with a digital intraoral camera, your dentist can also effectively assess the condition of the outer layer of the enamel as well as the soft tissue of the gums, tongue, and mouth. In addition, the dentist can enlarge the picture of the tooth to better spot dental concerns such as cracks, fractures, and cavities.

Dexis Digital X-rays

A digital x-ray is a diagnostic, preventive, and effective tool that allows our team to spot any changes in your dental health that may not have been visible during the oral exam. With digital x-rays, our team can spot dental abnormalities under the gums, between the teeth, and in the jaw. Digital x-rays use electronic sensors to take x-ray images of the mouth; this allows for reduced exposure to radiation and also eliminates the need for film processing. The images are readily available on the computer screen immediately after they are taken, allowing our team and our patients to discuss the findings from your digital x rays in real-time.

Velscope Vx Oral Cancer screener/system

With the diagnosis rate of oral cancer rising, it is crucial for patients to get regularly screened for oral cancer. Aside from the traditional oral cancer screening, our practice has adopted the Velscope Vx Oral Cancer System. This revolutionary device is one of the first of its kind to be approved by the FDA and allows medical professionals to detect cancerous and pre-cancer lesions that may not have been visible during the physical examination.

This technology works by transmitting a blue light into the oral cavity, and when viewed through the device, healthy areas of the oral cavity appear green and abnormal areas in the oral cavity produce a different hue. With this technology, we can help efficiently and effectively assess a patient’s oral cavity for signs of oral cancer. If necessary, we may recommend a surgical biopsy for a more accurate diagnosis of an abnormal area.

3M True Definition Intraoral Scanner

With the intraoral scanner, patients no longer have to sit through messy, goopy impressions. The traditional method of impressions often result in an uncomfortable dental experience, and some patients may even experience gagging. However, with digital impressions, patients can undergo a more comfortable and faster dental experience. The intraoral scanner essentially works by scanning the teeth to produce 3D images, which are available immediately after the scan.

In addition, the intraoral scanner allows patients to receive their restorations faster than ever before. Because the intraoral scanner provides accurate measurements of the mouth, patients review restorations that are tailored to their unique needs.

Ultradent Gemini 810 + 980 Diode Laser

As the first dual-wavelength soft tissue diode laser in the U.S., the Ultradent Gemini 810 + 980 Diode Laser allows for faster and smoother removal of soft tissue. This advanced laser technology also offers these key benefits for patients: less bleeding, minimal swelling, and an improved patient experience during soft tissue treatments.