What to Do About Food Traps

Most of us have gotten food stuck between our teeth before. It can feel annoying, but the bit of trapped food will come out easily over time. If you have food stuck in your teeth, completing your oral hygiene routine can release the trapped bits of food.

If this happens to you on a chronic basis, you might have a food trap. This refers to a gap or angle between your teeth where food can easily become stuck. Trapped food not only feels unpleasant, but it also poses a threat to your oral health. Food will begin to decay in your mouth, collecting bacteria that can spread and heighten your risk of cavities, gum disease, and other issues.

To preserve your smile, you should talk to your dentist if you have a food trap. They can evaluate your dental structure to find the best way to close this gap and prevent dental problems. Read on to learn details of the treatment you can expect to fix a food trap in your smile.

What to Do About Food Traps

Cosmetic Dental Solutions

If you have minor gaps in your teeth or dental alignment issues, you might feel self-conscious about a crooked appearance in your smile. But crooked teeth can also mean you have food traps that could put your oral health at risk. Your dentist can use cosmetic dental treatments to amend the issue.

Dental bonding involves applying malleable composite resin to the teeth. The dentist will mold the resin according to your specific goals, like filling and closing gaps between teeth, and then they harden it into place by curing it. The result is a straighter, fuller appearance in your smile and the elimination of food traps.

The dentist might also suggest porcelain veneers, custom caps that attach to the front of the teeth to build a straighter smile. They will consider the size and shape of your teeth, along with your oral health needs, when making veneers for a beautiful finish that will not disrupt your bite. They have the benefit of brightening and reshaping your smile as well.


You can work with your dentist to straighten crooked teeth and fix food traps through Invisalign treatment. This will involve wearing custom-made plastic aligners over your teeth day and night which will push on your teeth to gradually push them into a straighter position. This can close gapped teeth and align them to get rid of food traps.

If you have severe bite problems, you might require a referral to an orthodontist. They can provide orthodontic treatments that can fix malocclusions that Invisalign cannot. However, these aligners can prove effective for many people with crooked teeth.

Then you can achieve the beautiful smile of your dreams while also seeing an improvement in oral hygiene and dental health. Schedule a dental consultation today to begin your teeth-straightening journey to fix food traps and align your smile.