When Is the Best Time to Whiten Teeth?

Looking for a way to remove stubborn dental stains or brighten a dull tooth color? You should speak to your cosmetic dentist to find a targeted, personalized approach to smile enhancement and teeth whitening. They can determine a treatment plan that suits your specific smile aesthetic goals as well as your preferences when it comes to dental work.

When it comes to enhancing your tooth color, the time that you schedule this dental treatment can play a major role in your results. Check out advice from your dentist that can ensure you receive the best look from teeth-whitening treatment by booking your dental appointment with timing in mind.

When Is the Best Time to Whiten Teeth

Plan Ahead Before a Special Event

Many people look forward to whitening their teeth before a special occasion. They might anticipate photos taken at a wedding, for instance. Or they may want to make a good impression during a job interview.

If you want to achieve a bright, beautiful smile before an event, you may wonder when to schedule a cosmetic dentist appointment in order to obtain the best results. The type of teeth whitening treatment you desire will impact the answer to this question. A take-home whitening kit will require one or two weeks to gradually brighten your tooth color, so you should factor this into your planning prior to your event.

In-office teeth whitening can enhance your tooth color within a single one-hour appointment. But you should not wait to schedule this dental work. You want to ensure your dentist has an availability that matches your own.

Your teeth may need 48 hours to fully achieve their finished look after this whitening treatment as well. Leave wiggle room after cosmetic dental work to ensure that you receive the results you deserve.

Consider Other Scheduled Dental Work

Do you anticipate additional dental work besides teeth whitening? Try to plan whitening treatment before you receive other fixtures in your smile, including dental crowns, implants, or porcelain veneers.

These dental fixtures feature ceramic material that can achieve a beautiful, bright appearance. But they will not respond to bleaching agents in teeth whitening treatment. So if you want to whiten your smile, schedule this treatment first. Then you can achieve your desired tooth color without other dental work interfering.

Tips for Teeth Whitening at Home

As mentioned, your dentist offers both whitening treatments completed in their office as well as whitening kits you can use at home. These kits feature custom-made trays filled with bleaching gel that fit your unique smile. But you may wonder about timing when it comes to wearing these trays.

Dentists suggest wearing whitening trays before you go to bed. Then your teeth can recover from the treatment as you sleep without worrying about other substances disrupting the whitening process or taking advantage of vulnerability in your teeth.

Make sure you wear the trays for the recommended amount of time and do not fall asleep while still wearing them. Follow all guidelines from your dentist regarding take-home whitening treatment for best results.