Do Implants Impede Other Dental Care?

For optimal restorative dental benefits, a dentist will likely recommend implant dentistry to patients seeking to replace missing teeth. These permanent fixtures can offer full functional and structural enhancement to restore your smile while maintaining a gorgeous and natural-looking finish.

Some people may worry that introducing this permanent dental work to their mouths will mean they cannot pursue other dental treatments. Fixed appliances will alter your smile. But your dentist can still help you accomplish your oral health goals as well as your aesthetic ones. Read on to learn how you can receive the dental care you need after receiving implant tooth replacements.

Do Implants Impede Other Dental Care

Can I Whiten Dental Implants?

Your dentist will ensure your dental implant looks beautiful when they construct the prosthetic teeth on a custom basis. The pearly white finish will resist staining, so you can look forward to long-lasting gorgeous results.

However, the surrounding natural teeth might start to form discoloration over time. You might start to feel self-conscious about yellowing or dark stains on your smile. You can talk to your dentist about cosmetic treatments that can brighten your tooth color, even if you have dental implants.

The dentist can whiten the teeth around the implant. They apply bleaching gel strategically so that you can see brightening that will not affect the implant. The ceramic material of the prosthetic teeth will not respond to the bleaching products in this treatment. If you want to amend the color of your implant, you will need to talk to your dentist about replacing the prosthetic.

Can I Straighten My Teeth Along with Dental Implants?

Have you noticed that your teeth appear crooked, or you have a misaligned jaw? These alignment issues in your smile might make you dissatisfied with your smile’s appearance, and they could put your oral health at risk as well.

Your dentist can offer teeth-straightening treatments, including Invisalign, which will push your teeth gradually into the desired aligned position. But if you have dental implants, the fixtures will not move along with your natural teeth during this treatment.

You should discuss straightening your teeth with your dentist prior to implant dentistry for optimal results. But in some cases, your dentist might refer you to an orthodontist to use braces or other appliances to straighten the teeth around the implant. Learn more by scheduling a dental consultation.

Can I Treat Tooth Decay with Dental Implants?

Many dental patients appreciate that an implant is not susceptible to tooth decay like your natural teeth are. However, the surrounding teeth around your implant could still form cavities. These early stages of tooth decay create holes in the surface of the tooth and require intervention from a dentist to eradicate and restore.

You might worry that implants in your smile might make it difficult for dentists to access some cavities to treat tooth decay. If needed, a dentist might remove the dental prosthetic to reach a stubborn cavity and get rid of it. Then they can place the prosthetic right back in its place in your smile. So you can still receive this crucial dental care before the decay can worsen.