Reasons Teeth May Fall Out

Patients with missing teeth understand the debilitating effects that this dental condition can wreak. Tooth loss can impact the appearance of your smile, worsen your ability to perform oral functions, and put you at risk of further oral health deterioration.

Knowing the dental concerns that can progress and lead to tooth loss may increase your ability to prevent the problem. You can find prompt treatment from your dentist before the tooth falls out, preserving your dental structure. Read on to discover three major causes of tooth loss to help you avoid this dental damage.

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What Causes Missing Teeth?

Advanced Gum Disease

Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in American adults. It begins as an infection in the gum tissue which may cause the gums to recede. Without prompt treatment from a dentist, the infections will spread to the tooth root and jawbone.

Then bacteria will eat away at the bone and tissue there, causing irreversible harm that may cause a tooth to fall out of its socket. A dentist cannot reattach the tooth due to extensive structural dental damage.

You cannot get rid of gum disease on your own. So if you notice any issues with your gums, contact your dentist as soon as you can. You should also attend routine dental visits for periodontal disease screenings that can catch this infection in its early stages before it causes extensive damage.

Severe Tooth Damage

A majority of people will develop a cavity during their lifetimes. Your dentist can treat this early stage of tooth decay by drilling away the damaged part of the tooth and giving you a filling to restore your dental structure.

However, if you do not receive swift treatment for a cavity, the decay can worsen, wearing down your tooth enamel and leaving the interior of your teeth exposed to external threats. This damage can extend deep into the tooth, hurting the nerves and causing the tooth to fall out.

If the tooth has sustained this much damage, your dentist cannot save it. Though your dentist can offer tooth replacement treatment, you should preserve your natural smile as much as possible. Do not ignore dental problems like cavities.

Impact Trauma

An injury to the face or mouth may lead to impact trauma that could cause you to lose a tooth. A blow to the face should immediately mean you seek an emergency evaluation from a dentist. You could have other dental damage besides tooth loss from this type of accident.

But if you lose a tooth this way, your dentist might be able to place it back in your mouth successfully. However, you should talk to your dentist promptly because the longer you wait, the less likely your dentist can achieve this.

If possible, place your dislodged tooth back into the socket gently before you see your dentist. This will keep the tooth preserved. If this is not feasible, store the tooth in a container submerged in your saliva.