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Is the KeySmile Membership Program Right For Me?

Many people feel that without dental insurance, they can’t afford dental care. If you haven’t had quality dental care due to budget constraints, our KeySmile Membership may be right for you. For a low monthly membership fee, the Proud Smiles KeySmile Membership program will provide initial gum therapy and preventive maintenance care at no additional charge and a 15% discount for any restorative and cosmetic procedures.

What is Included in the KeySmile Membership Program?

There are several different options available to you depending on your oral health needs. The first step is to schedule an initial exam to determine your oral health condition, which will determine which option is right for you.

If you do not show any signs of periodontal disease, you can enroll in the regular Adult plan, which includes 2 preventative appointments per year, which include an exam, regular cleaning, diagnostic X-rays, and fluoride treatments. It also includes one VELscope VX oral cancer screening, and one emergency visit, if required.

If, however, you do have signs of gum disease, you can enroll in the Perio program, which includes the regular adult treatments, but also includes all required treatments such as extra cleanings, take-home medication, and diagnostic X-rays.

Can I Enroll My Child in KeySmile?

Yes! We offer a Child option in the KeySmile membership program, which includes 2 preventative appointments per calendar year. During these appointments, we will perform a comprehensive exam, cleaning, diagnostic X-rays, and fluoride treatments.

Is KeySmile an Insurance Plan?

No, Key Smile is not an insurance plan, nor is it affiliated with an insurance company. This program is an alternative to regular insurance, offering patients discounted dental care for a flat monthly fee.

When Do Benefits Start?

Benefits begin immediately after enrollment. There is no waiting period with KeySmile, meaning your oral health can be taken care of right away.

Comprehensive Dental Care in Sandy Springs, GA

Interested in finding out if you can benefit from the KeySmile Membership program? Visit Proud Smiles for a consultation with Dr. Paulen. To make an appointment at our Sandy Springs, GA dentist office, call 404.418.7734 or request an appointment online.