Is there a no-prep alternative to dental veneers?

Do you want to achieve your dream smile, but do not want to undergo extensive tooth removal required for traditional porcelain veneers?

Lumineers are a less invasive alternative to traditional porcelain veneers. Similar in design, but different in preparation, Lumineers allow for a beautiful smile without substantial removal of tooth enamel. Lumineers are a minimal prep dental veneer for a reversible solution to cosmetic concerns. Dr. Brenda Paulen offers Lumineers from her Sandy Spring, GA dentist office. Dr. Brenda Paulen is a cosmetic dentist serving patients in the Sandy Springs, GA community. With years of experience and advanced training, Dr. Paulen uses Lumineers as a natural looking solution to a range cosmetic concerns. Dr. Paulen has a natural eye for facial aesthetics and balance, helping patients to create their desired result. Patients enjoy long lasting, durable results that look and feel like their natural teeth. Whether you have one discolored tooth or require a multiple Lumineers to achieve your results, Dr. Paulen can help you design the smile of your dreams with Lumineers.

What are Lumineers?

Lumineers are the number 1 patient-requested veneer option available in cosmetic dentistry.

Lumineers are ultra-thin ceramic shells designed to your personal specifications. The shells are ultra durable and reflect light like natural tooth enamel. The Lumineer is used to cover up cosmetic blemishes creating a more balanced and beautiful smile.

Lumineers can be used to:

  • Close gaps in teeth
  • Reshape a misshapen tooth
  • Make a crooked tooth look straight
  • Whiten discolored teeth

Request a Cosmetic Consultation for Lumineers

Dr. Paulen works closely with DenMat Lab to create beautiful custom smiles using Lumineers. With over 30 years of experience designing smiles, DenMat utilizes state of the art technology for precise, natural results with minimal removal of tooth enamel.  Contact our Sandy Springs, GA dentist office to learn if Lumineers are right for you.