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Do You Have A TMJ Problem?

Jaw pain is a prevalent dental problem. Restorative dentistry with Dr. Brenda Paulen can fix and help your teeth stay healthy and fully functioning. Examples of restorative dentistry are dental fillings, implants, dentures, and crowns. Sources of Jaw Pain Many… - By Dr. Paulen


When is Tooth Extraction Necessary?

Sometimes, despite your dentist’s best efforts, a tooth extraction is necessary. At our health-centered dental practice in Sandy Springs, GA, Dr. Brenda Paulen always ensures that your smile is treated conservatively and effectively. Keep reading to find out how you… - By Dr. Paulen


3 Reasons To Replace Missing Teeth

Are you missing one or more teeth? If so, know that you do not have to live with missing teeth forever. At our Atlanta dentist office, we offer a wide range of tooth replacement options to meet your needs. Here… - By Dr. Paulen


Cosmetically Treating Dark Gums

Cosmetic dentistry often focuses on issues with the aesthetics of your teeth. But what about the look of your gums? Dr. Brenda Paulen of Proud Smiles, a cosmetic dentist in Sandy Springs, GA, discusses the offering of gum bleaching at… - By Dr. Paulen


New Year, New Smile

2020 has been a tough year for us all. To get ready for a brighter new year, consider pursuing one of our cosmetic dentistry services for yourself. Cosmetic dentistry allows us to address any and all appearance concerns that you… - By Dr. Paulen


Patients Review Proud Smiles

As a dentist in Sandy Springs, GA, our team at Proud Smiles wants to make sure we’re providing the best care possible. Patient reviews are important for any business. They let us know what we’re doing right and if there… - By Dr. Paulen


Why You Need to Brush Your Teeth

We’ve all heard that regularly brushing our teeth is important. But why is it so crucial to maintaining our oral health? Dr. Brenda Paulen of Proud Smiles Dental, a cosmetic dentist in Sandy Springs, GA, explains why brushing your teeth… - By Dr. Paulen


Is Your Smile Ready For The Holidays?

With socially distanced family dinners and long-distance Zoom calls with friends, the holidays might look a little different this year. However, we understand you still want to look your best when seeing loved ones. As your trusted cosmetic dentist in… - By Dr. Paulen


How To Choose A Good Dentist

Finding the right dentist for you is an important task to take on, especially if you are new to the area. You need to establish a relationship with a dentist office that can successfully meet your needs. As your local… - By Dr. Paulen


Pandemic Stress and Your Teeth

It’s no secret that many of us have been experiencing a more stressful year than normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This stress has led to an increase in cracked teeth and other oral health issues. Dr. Brenda Paulen of… - By Dr. Paulen