Christine - Insurance and Hygiene CoordinatorI have been working with Dr. Paulen as an Insurance and Hygiene Coordinator since 2005. I also share the office administration duties with friend and coworker Karen. I enjoy making patients feel right at home, I am one of the first persons you would speak to when calling the office and one of the first persons you would see when arriving. I strive to make our patients needs number one and make sure you are comfortable at all times. I am dedicated to helping you obtain the maximum benefits to contribute towards your care.

I am a Momma Bear and wife or “The General” as they would say, to 3 teenagers and a loving husband. I love spending quality time with my family and cooking.




Karen - Office Manager and Restorative Care CoordinatorAs an Atlanta native, I arrived to Proud Smiles Dental with 15 years of experience in dentistry. I serve as the Office Manager and Restorative Care Coordinator. I am a people person who enjoys getting to know patients as individuals, building relationships, working through treatment concerns and creating financial plans to help patients achieve their ultimate smile. Each patient is different and always unique. There is nothing like seeing a patient with a happy smile when they have navigated the world of dental insurance with Christine, financing, and fears. I am here to answer all questions, to calm fears, and help make treatment possible.

I am a Daddy’s girl and I have two of the most amazing god-children. I also enjoy great food, all genres of music, fun friends, and an incredible family.




Jasmin - Registered Dental HygienistI have worked as a registered hygienist since 2005. I happily joined the staff of Proud Smiles Dental in 2011 when I moved to Georgia. I enjoy working as a dental hygienist, and I love getting to know my patients, their families, and their “stories”. I pride myself with my ability in helping patients understand the link between their smile and their overall health. My love as a dental hygienist fuels my desire to help each and every individual raise their level of oral health.

When I am not “cleaning teeth”, I am playing mom to a very active 2 year old, reading where I can, and planning weekend getaways with the husband.





IMG_4471 I am one of Dr. Paulen’s Dental Assistants. I am truly happy to say that I work with some of the most caring, and helpful people in the industry; always trying to find ways to improve and educate themselves all for the sake of the patients. That has always been my main motivation and reason for choosing this career since 2008. I love helping our patients feel comfortable and I strive to make the dental experience unforgettable … All while assisting with helping to make Doc’s load lighter.

Here are some fun facts about me: I love traveling and learning about other cultures, I speak French, and I have a passion for fashion and the arts and I love humming and singing along to my favorite tunes. When I am not assisting, I am doing volunteer work and always finding ways to enhance my spirituality.


As a chairside assistant for Dr. Paulen, my goal is to make sure you have an exceptional experience when visiting the office.  Being in the dental field is something I love because it has allowed me to meet all sorts of people and I’ve helped improve their life.  Sometimes the improvement can be very small and other times it can change a person’s life completely.  Seeing these transformations, when someone gets a beautiful and functional smile, warms my heart.  My major goal growing up was to do something to help others.  After working on someone’s mouth and smile, I know that we not only fixed their teeth, but also helped the way they eathow they interact socially, and how they feel about themselves on a personal level.  Being in the dental field has helped me fulfill my goal.


Kristin is a marketing and communications professional with more than a decade of experience.  As the Marketing Director at Proud Smiles, Kristin oversees complete marketing, communications, and public relations activities, and is responsible for cultivating business-to-business relations for the practice.  Kristin received her BFA from The Art Institute of Atlanta where she attended as an international student from The Bahamas.  Kristin also enjoys the arts and takes pride in bringing her bubbly, witty white smile and personable personality to Proud Smiles every day.

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