Ellen Sichel has recently joined the Proud Smiles Dental team in Sandy Springs as our Community Connections Manager. In this role, Ellen is dedicated to growing and strengthening connections to our community of patients as well as to various local physicians, businesses, and organizations.

Ellen has a diverse background in the health & wellness field and will help us spread the word about the value and importance of maintaining your oral heath, the Proud Smiles integrative whole body healthcare philosophy, and our unique Dental Fitness Score and Keysmile Membership offerings.

If you know someone who could benefit from learning more about Proud Smiles and our offerings, feel free to reach out to Ellen via email at ccm@proudsmiles.com. You may even earn account credits as part of our Send-a-Friend program!

About Ellen

ellen sichelEllen Sichel is tired of stress and pain reduction being so darn complicated, because it never lasts.

When overwhelmed by stress, pain, or illness you need quick and practical solutions that actually work. Ellen’s roll up her sleeves, let’s get real, fun, no B.S. approach is infused with warmth and humor. Her lunch and learn business curriculum, healthcare CEU’s, chemo infusion center program, workshops, private coaching, speaking events are not your typical boring stress management programs–they are packed with sustainable techniques, group interaction, and relatable content. Her book Splash Into Calm is an upbeat easy read, filled with practical, on-the-spot solutions.

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