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HEAL Evolve and Lead LogoOne of the most common responses to stressful situations is teeth grinding or jaw clenching. If you are experiencing headaches, earaches, or jaw pain right now, it is very likely that you are holding a lot of your stress in your jaw. We want to ensure that this stress does not have long term consequences on your dental and overall health.

If you suspect you are grinding your teeth at night, now is a great time to take advantage of our new H.E.A.L Deal!

Proud Smiles is partnering with the H.E.A.L collaborative, which is a group of local wellness entrepreneurs who recognize now more than ever, the need to unite the health community with health-conscious patrons.

To that end, Proud Smiles is participating in the H.E.A.L 2020 Mask Pass Event. During this unique event, patrons who purchase a H.E.A.L branded face-mask will be eligible to receive special discounts on products and services at participating vendors that are designed to promote overall wellness and healing.

The Proud Smiles H.E.A.L Deal for the 2020 Mask Pass Event includes:

  • A FREE Occlusal Scan using our Tekscan device (a $80 value)! This diagnostic tool assesses both the force and timing of your bite and provides a computer captured color-coded visualization of your bite. This allows Dr. Paulen to perform occlusal analysis, assess the condition of your restorations, and help you achieve a more balanced bite.
  • A FREE review of the Tekscan findings and consultation with Dr. Paulen (a $180 value).
  • A 15% Discount on Any Resulting Dental Services or Devices!

You can purchase a H.E.A.L. branded mask at Proud Smiles, or click here to learn more about the H.E.A.L. Mask Pass event.

Note: 20% of all mask sales proceeds are being donated to the Aurora Day Camp!

As always, we want to ensure that stress does not have long term consequences on your dental and overall health!