The shape and health of the gums and the lips can play a role in the appearance of your smile. When the gums extend too far past the tooth root or the lips retract too far when smiling, it can make the teeth appear short or asymmetrical.

Dr. Paulen offers treatment for a “gummy smile” that can transform your appearance and improve overall dental health. Also known as crown lengthening, reshaping a gummy smile can be completed using a diode dental laser. Laser dentistry is a quick, convenient and effective way to address a wide range of dental concerns and cosmetic goals.

Treatment for A Gummy Smile

Dr. Paulen will evaluate your facial muscles, structure and the shape and condition of the teeth and gums. A comprehensive understanding of all factors affecting the appearance of your smile is the key to a successful and natural looking result.

  • Gingivectomy: For minor corrections to the shape of the gum line, Dr. Paulen can use a dental laser to resculpt the gum tissue for a more aesthetically pleasing result. Laser dentistry provides accurate treatment with less discomfort and minimal downtime. Also known as a “gingivectomy“, this type of procedure is completed in one visit using a local anesthetic for comfort. The laser procedure promotes healing and reduces bleeding and swelling.
  • Gum Lift: If a significant amount of gum tissue needs to be removed or reshaped, we may recommend a minor surgical procedure called a gum lift to address your concerns.

Treating a gummy smile can improve your dental health, revealing natural tooth structure that has been hidden beneath gum tissue. A more exposed tooth is easier to clean, repair and maintain, for a lasting smile that looks and feels great.

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