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All About Cosmetic Teeth Bonding

If you are dissatisfied with the appearance of your smile, you can find affordable cosmetic enhancement that will provide effective results with teeth bonding. This treatment has many cosmetic advantages and can improve your smile in multiple ways. A consultation… - By Dr. Paulen


Enhance Your Gums This Summer

As pandemic restrictions begin to lift and you see friends and family face-to-face again, you may pay closer attention to your appearance. If you notice dark spots or discoloration in your gums, you can talk to your dentist about a… - By Dr. Paulen


Can Poor Oral Health Lead to Heart Disease?

Several studies have shown that no matter how healthy you are, if you have poor oral health, you are at a higher risk for heart attack, stroke, and cardiovascular disease. Proudsmiles is a Sandy Springs, GA dental office focused on… - By Dr. Paulen


Periodontal Therapy FAQs

Maintaining healthy gums is important, not only for dental health but for a good quality of life. Changes in gum health can also be an indicator of changes in systemic health such as diabetes, cancer, or auto-immune disorders. Preventive dental… - By Dr. Paulen


Are Porcelain Dental Veneers Worth It?

Over time, our teeth can begin showing signs of natural wear and tear, such as gaps, chips, discoloration, and misalignments. If you have become self-conscious about your smile or have multiple cosmetic concerns to correct, you might want to consider… - By Dr. Paulen


April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month at Proudsmiles

Every April, dentists and periodontal specialists observe Oral Cancer Awareness Month to promote awareness of this serious disease. Over 50,000 people are diagnosed with oral cancer every year, but with frequent screenings and awareness campaigns, we can catch the signs… - By Dr. Paulen


All About Laser Dentistry

Dr. Brenda Paulen is a laser dentistry expert practicing in Sandy Springs, GA. Dr. Paulen recommends laser dentistry as a treatment technique for both children and adult patients. Laser dentistry can improve patient experience during a number of dental procedures.… - By Dr. Paulen


Dental Implants at Proudsmiles

Dr. Brenda Paulen believes that a healthy smile radiates confidence and is an essential part of overall physical health and wellness. Dr. Paulen has adopted a unique 'Dental Fitness' program to objectively measure and track your optimum oral and dental… - By Dr. Paulen


Chipped Tooth? 5 Treatments to Restore Your Smile

A chipped tooth can be a source of embarrassment or discomfort about your smile. Fortunately, restorative dentists like Dr. Brenda Paulen at Proudsmiles in Sandy Springs, GA can help you improve the appearance and health of your smile with these… - By Dr. Paulen


Do You Have A TMJ Problem?

Jaw pain is a prevalent dental problem. Restorative dentistry with Dr. Brenda Paulen can fix and help your teeth stay healthy and fully functioning. Examples of restorative dentistry are dental fillings, implants, dentures, and crowns. Sources of Jaw Pain Many… - By Dr. Paulen