Lighten Your Gum Color with Ease

Most people want firm, pink gums highlighting their pearly white smiles. If your gums appear dark in color, you may feel tempted to hide your smile. Some people naturally have more pigment in their gum tissue, giving this darker appearance. But you can form dark spots on your gums due to habits like using tobacco.

People of any age, ethnicity, or background can form hyperpigmentation in their gums. The condition does not pose a health risk to your smile, but you may feel self-conscious about how it looks. Consult with your dentist to learn if a cosmetic dental treatment called gum bleaching can enhance the look of your gums.

Not only can this treatment make your gums lighter and pinker, but it is also easy to do. Within one pain-free appointment, you can feel proud to show off your beautiful teeth and gums.

You can feel more confident undergoing this treatment when you know more about the process. Explore the advantages of pursuing gum bleaching treatment with your dentist when you read on.

Lighten Your Gum Color with Ease

Improve the Appearance of Your Smile

Many people do not like the way that dark pink or brown gums appear when they smile. They can look shadowy and contrast starkly compared to white teeth. When gums are not pink, you might worry that it indicates a sense of poor dental health or oral hygiene, even if this is not true.

If you feel tempted to hide your smile, you may suffer a blow to your overall confidence, which can impact your personal and professional lives. When you bleach your gums to give them a healthy, pink appearance, you can smile with more freedom, renewing your self-esteem.

Easy and Precise Cosmetic Dental Procedure

Some people may feel intimidated by the idea of undergoing dental work. But you can rest assured that gum bleaching involves just one appointment at your dentist’s office.

First, you will attend a cosmetic dental consultation though. During this appointment, your dentist will evaluate your oral health as well as your smile aesthetic goals. They want to ensure that your gums are in good health and free of infection or disease.

Healthy gums will respond better to bleaching treatment. They may treat gum disease with periodontal therapy if you do show signs of inflamed gums.

This consultation may seem like an extra step in the treatment process, but the dentist can confirm you are a good candidate for cosmetic gum enhancement this way. Then you do not have to waste your time going through a dental procedure that will not suit your needs.

Minimally Invasive Gum Enhancement

Worried about potential pain during a dental procedure like gum bleaching? Your dentist will prioritize your comfort during each stage of this cosmetic dental work, and you will not feel pain.

The dentist will give you a local anesthetic to numb the affected area prior to beginning the treatment. This way, you will not feel anything as the dentist applies the bleaching gel to the tissue that lifts and dissolve excess pigmentation in the gums.

The treatment will not involve invasive dental work. The dentist uses laser technology to complete this process, so you can anticipate only a little bit of downtime. Some people feel slight sensitivity in their teeth during the treatment. But those effects should fade quickly after your procedure. Learn more about this dental treatment and what to expect by calling your dentist today.