How to Fix Gapped Teeth

Gaps can form between two or more of your teeth for many reasons. The teeth may grow with a gap due to genetics, and poor oral habits like thumb sucking during childhood could create a gap. Dental problems like gum disease and tooth damage could also lead to gapped teeth.

Regardless of the causation, gaps in your smile can heighten your risk of forming dental issues like cavities. You might also feel self-conscious about the way that your smile appears when you have these gaps.

Your dentist can evaluate your teeth and form an individualized treatment plan to help you get rid of any gaps and give you a fuller-looking smile. Read on to learn about four treatments your dentist might suggest to fix a gap between your teeth.

dental treatment to straighten crooked teeth

Dental Treatment Options to Amend Gaps in Your Smile

Teeth Bonding

If you have gaps between two or more teeth, your dentist can fill them using a cosmetic treatment called dental bonding. The dentist will apply composite resin to the teeth, closing the gap using tooth-colored material. Then they cure the resin to harden it and keep it in place.

A final polish ensures a beautiful and natural-looking finish. This results in a fuller smile that looks gorgeous. Make sure you take care of your smile because bonding can stain if you are not careful. These results can last for three to ten years with proper maintenance.

Porcelain Veneers

A dentist may also suggest porcelain veneers to help patients fix gaps in their smiles. These shell-like caps adhere to the front of the affected teeth. They are custom-made to ensure the perfect appearance and fit.

A dentist will attach the veneers using bonding material for a secure hold that will last for fifteen years or longer after your treatment. These fixtures will resist staining, ensuring enduring cosmetic benefits that you can feel confident in.


Dentists can amend gaps in teeth by shifting their position in the mouth for a straighter appearance. They can do this with Invisalign, a set of clear-colored plastic aligners that fit over the teeth and gradually straighten the smile.

The length of treatment will vary according to your unique needs. If you have severe bite problems, your dentist may recommend you to an orthodontist for more extensive treatment.

Dental Implants

You might have a gap in your smile due to tooth loss. If you have lost one or more teeth, your dentist can offer a variety of tooth replacement solutions. You can find the most restorative benefits if you replace lost teeth through implant dentistry.

An implant will give you the prosthetic teeth you need to fill gaps in your smile. They garner support through an anchor that a dentist surgically places into the jaw. This anchor fuses with the bone there to sustain the implant for twenty years or longer. You can see a gorgeous finish along with restored oral function and more with this type of treatment.