5 Healthy Food Choices for Gum Health

Gum disease impacts approximately half of American adults. Though the condition is common, its progression can leave dental patients with severe problems, including tooth loss.

Good oral hygiene promotes good periodontal health, but the food you eat can play a major role in keeping your gums healthy too. Dr. Brenda Paulen, a dentist practicing in Sandy Springs, GA, lists five food choices that can boost your gum health.

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Famously, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, but your dentist will be happy if you eat this fruit too. Hard-textured fruits like apples clear plaque off your teeth as you eat them, which boosts oral hygiene. This lowers the chances of plaque harming your gums too.


If you are looking for a snack, nuts are an ideal choice. Unlike many snack foods, nuts are low in sugar, a substance notorious for harming the structure of your teeth. And as with apples, the crunchy texture of nuts will clean plaque build-up and other residues from your smile, reducing the chances of issues like gum disease.


Yogurt and other dairy products contain calcium, which can strengthen your teeth and make them better able to resist dental issues. It also contains probiotics which work to balance bacteria throughout your body. Less bacterial build-up in your mouth can lower your risk of contracting oral infections like periodontal disease.


Oily fish like salmon are rich in omega-3s, a type of fat that boosts your cardiovascular health. They are also thought to have anti-inflammatory properties. Dental patients with inflamed gums can benefit from this kind of nutrition.


While many people may not consider water to be a food, drinking plenty of this fluid can help your periodontal health. Staying hydrated maintains adequate saliva production, preventing dry mouth.

A dry environment in your mouth allows bacteria to spread across your teeth easily, heightening your risk for gum disease and other issues. You should drink eight eight-ounce glasses of water each day to stay hydrated.

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