The Importance of Oral Care in a Pandemic Environment

As we try to progressively resume activities in this new environment, it’s particularly important to remember how your oral health affects your immune system.  Gum disease is an infection.  And, if left untreated, that long-term systemic infection and inflammation weaken your immune system.  To avoid any heightened risk for virus infection, you want your immune system to be at its very best! dentist in atlanta, georgia

Maintaining good oral care and eliminating gum disease is critical to your overall health and wellbeing.

With the current uncertainties, we know that everyone is dealing with tough spending and activity choices as we define our new normal, and the Proud Smiles team wants to help ensure that good oral care remains a top priority.

1st, we have created one of the safest business settings to visit.  We always had strong infection control protocols, and now they are even stronger.

2nd, for those patients without dental insurance, we want to remind you about our KeySmile membership program that will provide initial gum therapy & 1-yr of preventative maintenance for a low monthly fee.  This monthly payment approach is budget-friendly and avoids the need to forego critical preventative care.  The membership plan is renewable annually and also provides a 15% discount on any required restorative treatments.

Further details on both our current infection control protocols, and the KeySmile membership program, can be found at or by calling us directly at 404-257-0091.

As always, we are honored to be your oral care provider of choice.

Yours in Health,

Proud Smiles Dental
Brenda Paulen DMD