3 Smile Makeover Solutions for Summer

Cosmetic Dentist in Atlanta GASummer is here, and many patients are looking for new ways to improve their smiles. At Proud Smiles, we are happy to offer extensive cosmetic dentistry solutions for new and returning patients. As your trusted dentist in Atlanta, GA, Dr. Brenda Paulen offers cosmetic dentistry for patients needing to address both dental health and cosmetic issues. Whether you need to fix a chipped tooth or get a complete smile makeover, we can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. Here are three cosmetic dentistry solutions to consider this summer:


Have you been looking for a discreet method of straightening your smile? Then Invisalign is the perfect option for you. Patients no longer have to worry about the metallic smile aesthetics that come from traditional orthodontics. Instead, Invisalign is a system of clear, removable aligners that, while being worn, apply pressure to your teeth over time and encourage them to shift into a straighter position.  A major benefit to Invisalign is that you can remove the aligners to eat, drink, and brush your teeth–meaning you don’t have to worry about missing out on any of your favorite summertime snacks while undergoing treatment. Dr. Brenda Paulen is an Invisalign provider, offering this revolutionary clear aligner system for patients needing mild to moderate orthodontic care. After a thorough examination, she will create a personalized treatment plan for you via Invisalign software.

Teeth Whitening

Has your smile been dulled by a year full of much-needed coffee breaks? Consider our teeth whitening solutions. Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments, providing a quick, painless, and economical smile makeover – in about an hour. Many popular foods and beverages contain staining agents that dull our smiles over time. With teeth whitening, we are able to turn back the hands of time and leave your smile looking brand new. While you might find some over-the-counter teeth whitening solutions, often they are a one-size-fits-all approach to teeth whitening that can leave your teeth looking blotchy. When you schedule a professional teeth-whitening appointment at Proud Smiles, we take the time to ensure the bleaching gel is evenly coated over all of your teeth, and that you leave our office with a whiter and brighter smile.

Tooth Bonding

Have you been meaning to get around to fixing that small chip in your tooth? Now is a great time to do so with our tooth bonding services. Tooth bonding is a cost-effective and efficient way to repair small damages on your smile. This cosmetic procedure can be completed in our Sandy Springs dentist office, often during a single visit without the need for an anesthetic. The process is very similar to that of a dental filling. We take a small amount of tooth-colored resin and apply it over any stubborn stains or chips, then file it down to blend in with your natural tooth.  Little or no preparation of the tooth is needed, and you leave our office with a beautifully restored smile.