A Responsible Re-opening Plan

Given the recent State announcements regarding COVID-19 and business re-openings, I felt that it would be important and useful to update the Proud Smiles family with the status of our current plans to Responsibly Re-open Proud Smiles.

First and foremost, everyone should know that the health and safety of ALL staff and visitors to Proud Smiles has always been, and continues to be, a 1st-Priority. With the advent of COVID-19, and the fact that we all will be dealing with its presence for many months to come, we have further bolstered our already existing infection control environment and protocols to define the New Normal for all staff, visitors, and patients.

Here’s a summary of the changes at Proud Smiles:

  • (4) HEPA Air Cleaning Systems with UV-C Light Technology have been installed throughout our office.
  • Multiple hand-sanitizing stations are being placed within the office.
  • New equipment has been installed to produce Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) as a sanitizing agent that we now use throughout the office and in the operatories between each patient. Learn more about HOCL HERE.
  • We are limiting the number of patients and visitors in our Lobby/Waiting area and are moving arriving patients directly into treatment rooms as quickly as possible;
  • Please don’t bring unnecessary visitors or family members into the office during treatment.

All Staff and Care-Providers are wearing appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

All patients will be asked to:

  1. Have their forehead scanned to assess their current temperature
  2. Wash or sanitize their hands
  3. Perform an oral rinse with Hydrogen Peroxide

With these protocols in-place, we believe that our office will continue to be a safe environment for all patients, and we will continue to monitor recommended care protocols and make further adjustments as warranted and prudent.

That brings us to the timing of our plans to re-open for all treatment, including hygiene re-care and elective procedures.

Currently, we are targeting Monday May 4th to be available to all patients. As we reach out to currently scheduled patients, those who had been previously scheduled, and those with over-due treatment, we will always respect your desires and willingness to return to treatment.

You may be contacted by us through different means (personal call, email, and/or text) over the next days and weeks as we try to re-schedule previously canceled appointments and over-due treatment. Please excuse any duplication of contact that might inadvertently occur.

Again, we will always respect your desires for treatment and will be available whenever you need us.

Yours in Health,

Proud Smiles Dental
Brenda Paulen DMD