Dr. Brenda Paulen and ProudSmiles Awarded

Dr. Paulen and the ProudSmiles team have been awarded the Small Business of the Year Award for 2019! Given by the Sandy Springs Perimeter Chamber, the Business Awards were developed to recognize the outstanding businesses and community members of Sandy Springs. We’re very proud to be a part of this wonderful community!sandy springs, georgia dentist

Dr. Paulen’s Community Involvement

Dr. Paulen has been a member of the business association in Sandy Springs since 2002. When the city got chartered, she then joined the Sandy Springs Perimeter Chamber. She’s been involved as a member of the Health and Wellness Council and supported the first community-wide health fair in the city in 2018.

Dr. Paulen is also a part of the Women’s Business Network. With their annual fundraising project, the Drake House Fashion Show, Dr. Paulen has participated in the organizing committee. ProudSmiles has been a supporting sponsor of the show for many years. Last year, she even modeled in the show and has been asked back to do so again!

Dr. Paulen and the rest of the ProudSmiles team are proud to serve many of our outstanding community members with their dental needs. ProudSmiles has even treated Mayor Rusty Paul and his wife. With our Key Smile Membership Plan, ProudSmiles gladly supports the community by offering assistance in maintaining their dental health.

About ProudSmiles

ProudSmiles offers a variety of general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services for the citizens of Sandy Springs. During this trying time of closures and limited services, ProudSmiles still has emergency dentistry services. If you’re experiencing severe tooth pain, have knocked out an adult tooth, broke or cracked a tooth, or have broken a dental restoration, call our office immediately.

Dr. Paulen also has a direct focus on oral health and how it can impact and be impacted by various conditions. For instance, acid reflux can be extremely damaging to your teeth. Your oral health can change and become more sensitive during pregnancy. Conditions such as lupus and diabetes can cause you to be more likely to develop various oral health problems. Your oral health also can also impact your chances of developing heart disease.

Once isolation is over, the stress of the pandemic may have taken its toll on your teeth. Restorative dentistry may be needed to get them back to where you want them to be. You have more of a chance of starting a tooth grinding habit under stress, leading to the possible development of TMJ disorders. Your chances of developing gum disease are also higher during stress, due to your body’s decreased immune response.

Your Dentist in Sandy Springs, GA

We’re proud to be recognized for our efforts to support our beautiful community. If you’re suffering from a dental emergency, call us immediately. We’ll be here for you, too, after the pandemic to service all of your dental needs. Call us or schedule an appointment online for the future. Thank you to the community of Sandy Springs and we hope to see your smiles soon!