How Can I Fix Black Triangles?

Black triangles and gaps between your teeth can make you insecure. It’s natural that you want to get rid of them and straighten out your smile. Dr. Brenda Paulen of Proud Smiles, a dentist in Sandy Springs, GA, offers multiple treatment options for this condition. Learn more about black triangles and how you can make yours disappear.

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What are Black Triangles?

Black triangles are known by the dental community as gingival embrasures. These are gaps between your teeth that form due to the gums receding in those areas. This usually happens due to crooked teeth, gum recession, or bone loss in the jawbone.

While this may not necessarily lead to oral health issues, it’s not something most people want to show in their smiles. They think it makes them look like they don’t care for their teeth, even when they do. It’s assumed that people will think they’ll look stressed, unhealthy, old, or neglectful.

What Treatment Options are Available for Black Triangles?

If this is a problem you struggle with, there are multiple ways to treat this condition. First, you can try Invisalign. This is especially helpful if you have larger gaps between your teeth. Invisalign is usually used for patients who want a straighter smile

Using clear aligners, Invisalign slowly shifts your teeth to an ideal position. Treatment is usually shorter than traditional braces. It also means you don’t have any dietary restrictions as you do with metal braces. Aligners can be removed for meals and to participate in your normal oral health routine. The amount of time it takes to get your ideal smile depends on your individual condition.

For smaller gaps and black triangles, dental bonding is a good option. Dr. Paulen offers a newer form of dental bonding called BioClear. It uses a composite resin that’s colored to match your teeth and is applied to the base of your tooth so that it’s thicker. This eliminates those black triangles. Dental matrices can be used to outline the tooth and make sure that it’s shaped correctly

If you’re having severe gum recession issues, gum surgery may be needed to help your condition. The gums will need to be recontoured so that they cover the areas they should be covering. Dr. Paulen usually uses a gum graft for this procedure. Tissue is taken from another part of the mouth and grafted onto the area that’s suffering from gum recession. This will eliminate those black triangles and the appearance of extremely long teeth that can occur.

Black Triangle Treatment From Your Sandy Springs, GA Dentist

At Proud Smiles, we’re dedicated to giving you the smile you’ve always wanted. We can help you get rid of those black triangle gaps that make you insecure about your smile. Whether it’s Invisalign or gum surgery that treats it, we’ll make sure you’ll get the care you need. Call us today or schedule an appointment online to get started!