Try These Foods To Promote A Healthier Smile

Just about everything you do will affect your oral health, which also includes the types of food you put into your body. We have put together a list of foods that you should try to incorporate into your diet to health promote the health of your teeth.

  • Water
    • Water will not only help your general health, but it also does wonders for your oral hygiene. It is recommended to drink tap water when possible due to the fluoride that it contains. Flouride will help prevent tooth decay, and most places in the United States’ water supply contains fluoride. You should be able to check with your local water company to see if the tap water supplied in your county contains fluoride.
  • Calcium
    • Calcium is important for strong teeth, as it will help reduce acid in your mouth. Try eating cheese, which is a good source of calcium, and yogurt, which contains probiotics that provide healthy bacteria in your mouth.
  • Vitamin D
    • If you do not have enough Vitamin D in your diet and develop a Vitamin D deficiency, it can cause a patient to feel a burning sensation on the tongue, lips, and gums. Milk can be an excellent choice to add to your diet.
  • Protein
    • The types of protein that you put into your body are important for your oral and general health. Try choosing the leanest cuts of meat, chicken, and fish for your diet. Chicken and fish will provide Vitamin B3 which is an important vitamin for protecting your tooth enamel. Almonds and pecans are a great source of Vitamin B2 which are also important for promoting healthy gums.
  • Tea
    • Green tea is great for your overall health as it features plenty of antioxidants that your body uses. For your oral health, try both green and black teas as these will restrict the growth of bacteria inside your mouth. The type of bacteria that this will prohibit will help prevent tooth decay inside your mouth.
  • Vitamin C
    • Fruits and veggies are also excellent for both your overall health and oral health as they are loaded with Vitamin C.

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