Laser Dentistry Advancing Dental Care

woman with beautiful smile laser therapy sandy springs gaLaser dentistry techniques have advanced dental health care. Reducing swelling, minimizing bleeding, lessening discomfort and eliminating sutures, patients enjoy less invasive procedures for a range of oral health concerns. Many dental concerns that once required oral surgery can now be treated using laser therapy. State of the art laser technology allows for precise treatment that actually promotes and even boosts the body’s natural recovery response.

General dentist Dr. Brenda Paulen has advanced training in providing effective and precise treatment with laser dentistry. Dr. Paulen recommends laser dentistry as a treatment technique for both children and adult patients.

Laser therapy can be used to:

  • Recontour gumlines
  • Treat gummy smiles
  • Treat tongue-tie
  • Remove mucocele
  • Heal cold sores quicker

These dental health concerns that once required invasive oral surgery, can now be successfully treated without the need for sutures or long downtimes. Dr. Paulen will help patients determine if they are candidates for laser thearpy to treat their oral health concern. Through a comprehsnieve oral health exam, Dr. Paulen works with patients to build personalized treatment plans that offer optimal results.

Laser therapy can help patients restore their oral health. Laser technology actually boosts the bodies natural healing response. Patients who are treated with laser therapy typically have shorter downtimes and quick healing times. Laser therapy is effective for soft tissues disease that affects the oral health.

If you are looking for a highly trained dentist in the Atlanta, GA area, contact Dr. Paulen. Our dental care team can help patients restore their gums and teeth for healthy, happy and lasting smiles.