Tooth Enamel Erosion

What is tooth enamel erosion?

The enamel is one of the strongest parts of the tooth. Keeping it protected is imperative to the health of your smile. It helps protect against dental issues like tooth sensitivity, cavities, and tooth decay. Once the enamel is damaged, it leaves your tooth more vulnerable to pain, discomfort, and the development of complex dental issues. Tooth enamel erosion can even result in cracked or chipped teeth, discolored teeth, and tooth loss. Unlike certain tissues in the body, tooth enamel does not regenerate, so once tooth enamel erosion occurs, only a skilled dentist may be able to restore it. 

General dentist Dr. Brenda Paulen of Proud Smiles in Sandy Springs, GA is dedicated to helping patients achieve excellent oral health. While providing comprehensive, patient focused dental care, she aims to educate patients on the importance of healthy teeth and how to maintain that. Keeping your tooth enamel healthy doesn’t have to be difficult if you are under the care of a trusted dentist like Dr. Paulen and you take the initiative to maintain healthy oral hygiene habits at home.

Tips for protecting your tooth enamel

  • Drink more water and avoid sugary foods and beverages. Water helps remove food debris and bacteria that can cling to the teeth. It also helps promote saliva productivity, which keeps the mouth moisturized and helps keep debris away from the mouth and teeth. Sugary foods and beverages don’t help keep the enamel protected and if the debris from sugary foods and beverages isn’t properly removed from the teeth, it can lead to the development of cavities.
  • Incorporate calcium rich foods into your diet. Calcium can help keep the enamel protected. Things like milk, soy, and kale are great sources of calcium. You can always find something that is healthy and has a good source of calcium and incorporates it into your diet. If you have a difficult time finding something that works for you, talk to Dr. Paulen.
  • Try to avoid citrus rich foods. Citrus is full of acid, which can break down enamel over time. If you do consume citrus rich foods, just make sure your brush after consumption to avoid it from sticking to your enamel. Broken down enamel can lead to issues like tooth sensitivity and toothache. Help keep your teeth protected by avoiding citrus rich foods.
  • Visit Proud Smiles in Sandy Springs, GA. During a preventive care visit, Dr. Paulen can check the teeth for any signs of tooth enamel erosion and other complex dental issues. If necessary, Dr. Paulen will discuss restorative dentistry options to help restore health to your smile. At Proud Smiles in Sandy Springs, GA, we aim to help patients maintain a healthy, functional smile. You can schedule an appointment online or call us today.