To Floss, or Not To Floss, That Is The Question

The American Dental Association estimated that less than 30% of the population doesn’t floss daily. Flossing is an instrumental part of an excellent oral hygiene routine. When you forget to floss, complex dental problems can be lurking right around the corner. Flossing removes food particles that daily brushing can’t always reach. When food particles are left on the teeth, bacteria and plaque will begin to wreak havoc on your teeth, causing gingivitis, cavities and possibly tooth loss. If left untreated, gingivitis can lead to periodontal disease (gum disease) and possibly affect major parts of the body like your heart and lungs. In dentistry, prevention is key; which is why dentists educate their patients on the importance of at-home preventive care.

Are you Flossing Correctly?

Most patients believe flossing is just the act of moving floss back in forth between the teeth. Moving floss back and forth doesn’t reach all the debris and food particles placed between the teeth. Here is a short video to help make sure you are flossing correctly:

Staying Dedicated To A Great Oral Hygiene Routine

Dr. Paulen and her dedicated team believe in the importance of at-home preventative care. Showing patients how to properly take care their teeth is part of their in-office dental cleaning and comprehensive exam. Staying dedicated to a great oral hygiene routine is necessary to have healthy teeth. Here are some tips on maintaining a great oral health routine:

•Brushing twice a day
•Flossing your teeth twice a day
•Using a fluoride rinse
•Visit your dentist biannually for a routine dental exam and cleaning

Maintaining a great oral hygiene routine doesn’t have to be hard. Following the steps above can help improve your smile.

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Preventative care is an important part of maintaining your oral health. It is important to make sure you schedule your preventive care visit, as well as a dental cleaning. We offer both preventative care exam and dental cleanings at Proud Smiles in Sandy Springs, GA. Please feel free to schedule an appointment online or give us a call at 404.418.7734 to schedule an appointment today.