5 Signs of Oral Aging & How To Reverse Them

African American Man SmilingAs you age your smile may begin to show the signs. Your teeth may begin to yellow or even shift, leaving your smile crooked and not as appealing as it once was. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Brenda Paulen can rejuvenate your smile with a total smile makeover, or a simple teeth whitening procedure. Our cosmetic dentist office in Sandy Springs, GA offers a wide range of treatments that can help reverse the signs of aging on your smile.

Reverse The Sings of Aging

Sign of Oral Aging: Receding Gums
It is fairly common for gums to recede as we age. Whether it is from brushing too vigorously, gum disease, or just the toll of time, gums can begin to recede, leaving too much of the tooth exposed. Receding gums are both a cosmetic and oral health concern and should be addressed.
Cosmetic Treatment: Chao Pinhole Rejuvenation
Pinhole Rejuvenation is an innovative technique for restoring a natural and aesthetically pleasing gum line without the use of surgery. Pinhole Rejuvenation is non invasive and can offer successful results in just about one hour.

Sign of Oral Aging: Metal Fillings in the “Smile Zone”
Old fillings were made of a silver metal material. Many of our patients still have silver fillings in the area we call the smile zone, or on the teeth, you can see when you smile. Metal fillings are distracting and can age your smile.
Cosmetic Treatment: White Tooth Colored Filling
Dr. Paulen can replace your metal fillings with mercury free tooth colored fillings. New fillings can be color matched to your natural tooth for beautiful and discreet results.

Sign of Oral Aging: Cracks, Chips, or Broken Teeth
Over time, cracks, chips or broken teeth are common. Damage to the teeth can become an oral health problem and can make your smile appear older than you are.
Cosmetic Treatment: Dental Veneers
Dental veneers offer a permanent solution to a range of oral health concerns. Veneers are natural looking, comfortable, and functional. Dr. Paulen offers a variety of veneers for patients individual needs.

Sign of Oral Aging: Yellow or Discolored Teeth
Tooth discoloration is common as we age. Yellow or discolored teeth can age your smile.
Cosmetic Treatment: Teeth Whitening
Our Sandy Springs cosmetic dentist office offers Zoom teeth Whitening and Kor Deep Teeth whitening. Dr. Paulen will help you determine which whitening process will help you meet your cosmetic goals.

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