Snap On A Happy Smile

Snap-On Smile before

Snap-On Smile afterDo you feel embarrassed by chipped and crooked teeth? Is your smile worn down and prematurely aging you? Do you suffer from severe dental anxiety that is keeping you from getting the dental healthcare you need?

Don’t let a lack of confidence in your smile, or fear of the dentist keep you from living your life to the fullest. Snap On Smile is a cosmetic solution that offers a cost effective alternative to traditional porcelain veneers or dental implants.

Snap On Smile

With just a few visits to Sandy Springs Proud Smiles dentist office, Dr. Brenda Paulen will have your smile looking healthy and confident. After an oral health exam, Dr. Paulen will determine if Snap On Smile is right for you. Highly trained and experienced in restorative and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Paulen stays current with the recent advances in dental treatment techniques and technology through her dedication to continued dental education.

Free From Dental Anxiety

Snap on Smile is an effective cosmetic dentistry solution for those who suffer from severe dental anxiety. If the thought of sedation dentistry also makes you anxious and is keeping you from receiving the cosmetic or restorative dental work, Snap on Smile offers a successful cosmetic alternative. Snap On Smile requires ZERO anesthesia, drilling, or discomfort throughout the entire process. Snap On Smile is non-invasive and only requires Dr. Paulen to take molds of your existing teeth.

Dramatic Results

Snap On Smile offers dramatic results. Dr. Paulen will take impressions of your teeth in her convenient Sandy Springs dental office. In just two to three weeks, the impressions will be turned into your new custom, confident smile. In less than a month you can have a more aesthetically pleasing smile that can improve your bite, and quality of life.

Schedule A Consultation

To find out if Snap On Smile is the solution to your dental concerns, contact Sandy Springs Proud Smiles dentist office today. Dr. Paulen with schedule a free consultation with you to determine your overall and oral health and decide if Snap On Smile is the best cosmetic dental solution for you.