Overcoming Dental Anxiety With Sedation Dentistry

According to the American Dental Association, in the U.S. alone, more than 60 million people a year avoid dental care mostly due to fear and anxiety, which can have a significant negative impact on overall health. Atlanta area dentist Dr. Brenda Paulen recognizes this concern and offers different techniques to overcome dental anxiety.

Some patients are fearful of the dentist due to a previous bad experience. Dr. Brenda Paulen is a highly trained and educated dentist who offers her patients personalized, compassionate care. She is an expert in both cosmetic and restorative dentistry due to her extensive array of continuous education. Dr. Paulen is also willing to sit down with patients for a one-on-one discussion to talk about dental concerns and will explain the steps and treatments she is going to perform. This often alleviates anxiety about dentistry and enables patients to relax while visiting our office.

ProudSmiles_Photos (64) For a more relaxed visit, Dr. Paulen offers her patients two forms of sedation dentistry. Nitrous Oxide is a common and well-used technique, often referred to as laughing gas. This relaxation treatment is safe, effective and allows for a conscious sedation. Nitrous oxide is inhaled from a tiny cannula placed beneath the nose. Patients are able to hear and respond during the appointment and effects wear off soon after the mask is removed.

A new technique offered at Proud Smiles is NuCalm. This patented system naturally relaxes the mind and body without the use of drugs. Within minutes, this neuroscience technology brings your body to pre-sleep states. Dr. Paulen will first apply a NuCalm tropical cream or have you chew dietary supplements that are designed to relax your body. Then, micro stimulation patches are placed behind each ear to facilitate a relaxation response. Noise-dampening headphones are used to bring your brain wave pace to pre-sleep stages. Finally, you will wear a light-blocking mask to negate visual stimuli. NuCalm has no negative side effects and requires no recovery time, allowing patients to drive and return to their normal activities after their appointment.

Sedation dentistry promotes a relaxed and comfortable dental experience for patients. Dr. Paulen wants to transform patient experiences from anxious and uncomfortable to refreshing and rejuvenating. Our Sandy Springs dentist office is warm and inviting to relax patients. Our staff makes every effort to educate patients on their dental care and ensure their comfort while they are visiting.

To learn more about sedation dentistry or to discuss your personal concerns with Dr. Paulen, schedule an appointment at Proudsmiles today!