3 Most Asked Questions About Root Canals


Root canals are infamous for being extremely painful and scary. However, root canals are one of the most performed procedures in dentistry. Under the careful guidance of a skilled dentist root canals are a rather painless procedure. Dr. Brenda Paulen of Proud Smiles is an experienced Sandy Spring, GA dentist…

DYK? Oral Health & Pregnancy


In this week's "Did You Know" with Dr. Brenda Paulen, she takes a look at the importance of oral health during pregnancy. Women experience hormonal shifts that could affect the health of their gums and teeth. Many women develop pregnancy periodontal disease. With diligent oral hygiene and regular visits to…

To Floss, or Not To Floss, That Is The Question


The American Dental Association estimated that less than 30% of the population doesn’t floss daily. Flossing is an instrumental part of an excellent oral hygiene routine. When you forget to floss, complex dental problems can be lurking right around the corner. Flossing removes food particles that daily brushing can’t always…

DYK? Chronic Headaches Associated With Bite Alignment


Did you know that your headaches may be caused by the alignment of your bite? In this DYK with Dr. Brenda Paulen, she discusses how the health and alignment of your teeth and jaw could be triggering chronic headaches. Sandy Springs, GA dentist office ProudSmiles provides patients with comprehensive treatment…

DYK? Gum Health May Be Linked to Alzheimers


The oral-body connection is strong. Recent studies have shown a link between patients with gum disease, and an increased risk of developing Alzheimer's. Dr. Brenda Paulen emphasizes the importance of gum health to all of her patients. Dr. Paulen provides gum disease screenings at all of her regular oral health…

Did You Know? The Facts on Oral Cancer


Oral Cancer Awarness Month April is Oral Cancer Awareness month. A life-threatening disease, oral cancer is on the rise and is often fatal cancer due to late diagnosis. Biannual dental checkups with Sandy Springs, GA dentist Dr. Brenda Paulen are a great way to ensure you are being screened twice…

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