It’s World Smile Day!


Harvey Ball, the creator of the "smiley face," thought that everyone should focus on being kind to one another and sharing a smile for at least one day a year. From Harvey Ball's beliefs, World Smile Day® was born. Once a year on the first Friday of October, people perform acts of kindness…

Experience Proud Smiles


Atlanta, GA family dentist Dr. Brenda Paulen provides tailored oral health care for children and adult patients in a welcoming, state of the art dental facility. Our team is committed to providing the most cutting-edge dentistry in a warm, gentle manner. We help patients maintain and restore the health of…

Gum Disease and Your Health


Most patients tend to forget about the gums during their regular oral hygiene routine. The gums help protect the teeth, so it is important that they receive the attention too. Recent research has even linked unhealthy gums to increased risk of respiratory problems and heart disease. Scary, we know. Taking…

Oral Bacteria Shortens Life Span


Did you know that disease causing oral bacteria may shorten your life span? Your mouth is full of bacteria, and most are actually helping to keep your digestive system operating properly. Oral bacteria requires a careful balance, and some bacteria can actually cause harm to your oral and overall health.…

Tooth Enamel Erosion


What is tooth enamel erosion? The enamel is one of the strongest parts of the tooth. Keeping it protected is imperative to the health of your smile. It helps protect against dental issues like tooth sensitivity, cavities, and tooth decay. Once the enamel is damaged, it leaves your tooth more…

What Is A Dental Implant?


What is a dental implant? And how does it work? Dental implants have become the most popular and natural way to replace a missing tooth or even a full arch of missing teeth. Dental implants are a preferred replacement option for missing teeth for their long term oral health benefits…

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